Summary of Fees

Tool Handling Fees: Member Agencies pay a Tool Handling Fee equal to 5% of the retail value of each tool borrowed per week. Tools may be borrowed from one to eight weeks.

Laundry Fees: All orders with tablecloths will be charged an automatic laundry fee. ToolBank is incurring the cost of laundry services, and based on the average cost of our laundry service, we will be adding a $2.50 fee per tablecloth to each order.

This fee will ensure that we can continue to provide clean, folded linens and that agencies order more accurately to their needs (as we have a lot of large orders of tablecloths returned still folded and as though they were not used for their event).

The following fees can be avoided by following the protocols we provide with each tool order.

Late Fees: Overdue tools accrue late fees at 10% of the retail value of each tool borrowed value every week until the tools are returned, replaced, or its replacement cost is paid in full (see below).

Replacement Fees: Member Agencies are assessed a replacement cost in the event that a tool is declared lost, parts are missing, or the tool is broken or no longer usable due to misuse or abuse. We do not charge replacement fees for tools broken during their intended use, so long as the broken tool is returned.

Cleaning & Wet Item Fees: Member Agencies are assessed a cleaning fee if tools or special event items are returned excessively dirty or returned with dried paint, caulk, mud, or other substances. Agencies are given the opportunity to clean tools before fees are assessed. For items that are returned wet, a wet fee will be assessed.

  • Cleaning fees apply per tool or item that needs to be cleaned or dried.
    • 1-25 items = $35
    • 26-50 items = $60
    • 51-75 items = $85
    • 76 or items = $125
  • Cleaning fees for special event items
    • 1-25 items = $35
    • 26-50 items = $60
    • 51-75 items = $85
    • 76 or items = $125
  • Wet item fees
    • Wet tent fees
      • 1 = $50
      • 2-5 = $75
      • 10-25 = $150
      • 25+ = $250
    • Wet cooler fee = $5
    • Other wet items will be charged based on number if items returned wet per our above cleaning fees.

Order Cancellations: Member Agencies who cancel their order may be charged a cancellation fee based on the amount of time before the cancellation.

  • Day of cancellation: 75% of rental value charge
  • <24 hours before pickup time: 50% of rental value charge
  • <25-48 hours before pickup time: 25% of rental value charge
  • >48 hours or reschedule: no charge unless cancelled again

Missed Appointment/Showing up without an Appointment: If an agency is more than 15 minutes late to their appointed time, or if they show up to return items without an appointment/outside their appointed time, the agency will be charged $20. If the agency chooses to do so, they may forego the $20 by rescheduling and returning at a later date.

Rush Tool Orders: We require orders to be placed at least 48 hours ahead of the requested pickup time. When orders are placed later than this window, agencies will be charged a $30 fee (assuming we are able to fulfill the order).