Orders must be placed through our online ordering system. We do not accept orders by phone or email. If you have questions or difficulties during the tool ordering process, please contact us.

Placing an Order:

  1. Go to charlotte.toolbank.org and click the “Order Tools” button to open our ordering system.
  2. Log in (remember that your username is your email followed by .tb) and click on the “Create New Order” button. It will auto-populate your Agency Information in Box 1. Box 2 will allow you to request a pickup date/time, how long you need the tools, and request a return date. These do not sync to our calendars, so we will respond to your order with our correct availability and confirm your pickup/return times.
  3. Box 3 is project information. These fields help us to learn more about what communities, how many people, etc, that our items are serving. Fill it out to the best of your ability.
  4. Boxes 4, 5, and 6 are checkboxes of more order information. Fill these in (you can now select more than one option) and click the blue “Continue” button at the bottom right of the page.
  5. The Select Tools page is a searchable inventory list. Find the item you’re looking for and enter the quantity. You do not need to “add”, it will remember the quantities. Use the “Selected Tool” filter at the bottom of the sidebar on the right side to see what items you have so far.
  6. You can hover over the picture icon for a photo or the “i” icon to see more detailed information for the item, including any additional items that might go with that item.
  7. When you’re ready, click the “Continue” button at the top right of the page, which will take you to the Review Page. This is the last time you can make changes yourself. If you need to make changes once your order is submitted, contact us to do so. Click the blue “Place Order” button and you’re done!
  8. A ToolBank staff member will contact you within 1-2 business days to confirm that the items and your requested pick-up time are available. We can also help advise what kind/how many vehicles you will need for pick-up.
  9. Let us know if anyone other than you will be picking up, and please understand that whoever picks up will be responsible for payment before they depart.

Steps for Picking Up

  1. Arrive at the ToolBank as close to your scheduled time as possible. We typically schedule times back-to-back, so being too early or too late can cause a traffic jam in the loading dock.
    1. Call us ASAP if you know you need to reschedule!
    2. Please bring help with you, especially for large orders. We are a small team here!
  2. The loading dock has two bay doors, you will back up your vehicle to the bay door that is on the left (when looking from the street).
  3. If the doors are not already open, there is a marked doorbell button on the wall between the bay doors that will let us know you’re here!
  4. Our staff or volunteers will greet you and help the loading process. We will ask you to count all rented items to ensure accuracy.
  5. Before departure, we will finalize payment and provide you an itemized receipt, which will help you double-check you have all items before you return as well.

During Your Event

  1. Have fun and be safe!
  2. Tag us on social media!
    1. Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn: @CLTToolBank
    2. Instagram: @CharlotteToolBank
    3. #bluetools
  3. Instruct your volunteers how to care for and pack ToolBank items!

Steps for Returning

  1. Double-check and count tools before returning, making note of anything damaged or broken. Refer to the Fees section for expectations of how items should be returned.
  2. If a tool is broken during your project, please return the broken tool and all parts.
    1. We do NOT charge replacement fees for tools broken during their intended use; however, we DO charge replacement fees for unreturned tools (whether working or broken).
    2. We do charge replacement fees for tools broken during misuse.
  3. Just as you did when you picked up, please back your vehicle up to the bay door, ring the doorbell if the doors are closed, and we will help you and your staff/volunteers unload into our bay.